Student Life

Your college experience is more than just what happens in a classroom.

The Honors community is driven by students from all different backgrounds, sharing their curiosity and interests together — so you can take your pick of diverse programs and activities.


Two men and a woman walking and talking
Honors Housing

Some of your most inspiring conversations will happen at 2 a.m. in the lounge! Honors hall communities build on the curiosity and broad interests of students from all across the University. Browse housing options.

A student studies at a desk in the Honors College.
Personalized Advising and Mentoring

Personalized advising and mentoring at the Frederick Honors College helps to ensure you a successful academic journey from day one.

Flowers bloom on the Cathedral of Learning lawn as Pitt students take in a class outside.
Honors OCC

The Outside the Classroom Curriculum is flexible and can help you shape your Honors path. There are 10 competencies, each with a breadth options to choose from.

First-year students arrive on the Pitt campus.
First-Year Experience

Exploring new ideas is a prominent theme during your first year. Get ready to immerse yourself! 

Students share a conversation.
Honors Events

Join small-group sessions with community leaders and interesting alumni, discuss current issues, and more — there's something happening every week!