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The Office of National Scholarships and Post-Graduation Success works with all Pitt undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni who are pursuing a competitive award. We help students identify awards for which they are competitive and guide them through the process from start to finish including essay review, advice on choosing recommenders and interview per. We are here to help! Read and subscribe to our monthly newsletter for tips!


Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of National Scholarships & Post-Graduation Success has elevated the successes of Pitt, contributing to the University's status as a top producer of Fulbrights, sponsoring Pitt's first-ever Mitchell and Soros scholars, and preparing 4 members of the inaugural class of Voyager scholars.

Lesha Greene holding Fulbright Top Producer sign
Top Scholarships Requiring Pitt Endorsement

Open to all students, these scholarships require University endorsement and therefore have earlier deadlines.

Three winners of the inaugural Voyager Scholarship hold their awards
Other Popular Scholarships

University endorsement is not required, but we recommend working with a scholar-mentor on the application process.

An Honors student conducts scholarship research.
International Student Opportunities

Numerous scholarship opportunities are available to international students.