At the Frederick Honors College, undergraduates are taking the lead on incredible discoveries.

You can conduct your own research projects in ANY major — arts and humanities, STEM, social sciences, or a unique blend of your interests.

Quote from Teresa, “Having these research opportunities very early on has been the driving force behind what I’ve been able to achieve.”

The Frederick Honors College can connect you to the faculty mentors, funding, and framework to implement impactful research. You can even dive right into hands-on research your first year at Pitt. 

Honors Research Opportunities 

Students talking about their projects at the 2022 FHC Research Symposium
2023 FHC Research Symposium

The Frederick Honors College Research Symposium took place on Thursday, April 6, and approximately 90 students presented their research. If you didn't have the opportunity to visit in person, you can still view the virtual research symposium through spring 2024.

Books sitting on desk in a library with graduation cap on top.

Fund your own research and creative projects in any major with an Honors fellowship, guided 1-on-1 by a faculty mentor and within a broader community of peers and faculty from different disciplines. 

Cathedral of Learning on the Pittsburgh Campus
BPhil Degree

Upgrade your bachelor's degree to the highest level of undergraduate scholarship: the prestigious Bachelor of Philosophy, a distinction only offered at a few universities worldwide.


Earn research accolades — including scholarships for grad school or abroad — with scholarship mentoring.

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Honors Awards

The Frederick Honors College recognizes more than 70 outstanding students each year with funding, including research awards.

Scholar Communities

Address critical 21st century issues alongside all the brightest minds — faculty, students, and community experts across different disciplines.  

Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review (PUR)

The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review (PUR) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal where students can publish their Frederick Honors College affiliated research and creative work.