Social Innovation

Through the FHC Social Innovation in Honors Education program, the Frederick Honors College aims to advance the University of Pittsburgh’s mission to make a transformative impact on society. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to inspire and empower students, faculty, and the wider community to collaboratively address pressing social challenges and foster a more just and equitable society. The program aims to create a dynamic, inclusive environment that promotes transformative social change through its three key areas of focus: research, education, and praxis.

Signature Honors Initiatives

The FHC Social Innovation program offers several signature initiatives, designed to empower and educate students and the broader community:

Changemakers in Conversation series with professor Michael Sawyer and author Damon Young
Changemakers in Conversation

An engaging and thought-provoking event initiative, which features inspiring individuals who have made significant positive impacts in their respective fields, disciplines, or sectors.

Person holding a cell phone

CivWiz is an innovative and interactive mobile application initiative designed to promote civic engagement, awareness, and education among the University community and beyond.

Three students working in collaboration at computer
Social Change Research Hubs

SCRH aims to offer honors students the opportunity to engage in equity-centered research, education, and praxis by working with fellow students, faculty, and staff.

Emerge, artwork by Morgan Overton

Morgan Overton's Democracy in Focus

This once-a-month series of workshops strengthens critical thinking and consciousness on the intersections of art, activism, and civic engagement by engaging Frederick Honors students, Pitt students, and the greater Pittsburgh community for the 2023-24 school-year.