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As an incoming or current David C. Frederick Honors College student, you have numerous opportunities to apply for funding that will support your academic, research, and extracurricular goals. Our various categories of funding and aid reflect the breadth and depth of options available for you to pursue. Current students should also contact the Office of National Scholarships & Post Graduation Success to explore prestigious scholarship opportunities. 




Frederick Merit Scholars

These merit-based awards provide funding that includes full tuition, mandatory fees, and room/board to talented incoming students who demonstrate academic excellence and potential for scholarly contributions to the University community. Visit the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid and select either "Chancellor's Scholarships" or "University Scholarships" for more information about each. 

Chancellor's Scholarships

This completely merit-based award provides full tuition and room and board support to incoming students from across all Pit undergraduate admitting colleges.

Engineering Students

The Donald Henderson Scholarship was named after Pitt’s first Black chancellor, this award provides full tuition and room and board support.

Dietrich, SCI & SPH Students

The Helen Faison Scholarship was named after Pitt alumna and first Black woman to serve as Pittsburgh Public Schools acting superintendent.

Business Students

The Robert Lavelle Scholarship, named after Katz Business School alumnus and former BOV member, supports an incoming first-year business student.

Nursing Students

The Adena Davis Scholarship, named after one of Pitt’s first Black nursing graduates, supports a student in nursing.