Academic & Mentoring Opportunities

The Frederick Honors College provides guided experiences to help you understand what research looks like in your field and identify research mentors.

Honors 0001 – Foundations of Research and Scholarship

This interdisciplinary course is provided for first-year students interested in research, no matter their intended area of study. Topics in this course range from identifying faculty mentors and funding to developing research questions. Students will also learn about foundational concepts of research that are applicable to any discipline.

Honors Research Hubs

These team-based research experiences are designed to provide small groups of second-year Honors students, the opportunity to work on applied research projects throughout the Pitt community. The current round of applications is closed.

Individual Research Guidance/Advising

The FHC Office of Research provides individual advising sessions to help you identify research opportunities and support mechanisms on any topic! Research advising offers students: a definition of what research looks like in their field; how to get started on defining an idea and talking to faculty; and how to talk about and elevate their research.

Frederick Honors College Faculty Fellows

The FHC Faculty Fellows program consists of faculty experts in departments throughout the University.

Peer Mentoring

The Frederick Honors College Research Mentoring Program pairs first-year students with more seasoned FHC students who have conducted research across disciplines. FHC Research Mentors can help navigate the world of undergraduate research and provide the instrumental and social support first-year students need to succeed. Placement for this program is limited and reserved for approximately the first 40 respondents to the survey; the current round of applications is closed.

Annual Research Symposium

The FHC research symposium is open to all FHC students and provides an opportunity to present your work while networking with faculty, researchers, and students throughout the Pitt community. Applications to present open in the spring term.