First-Year Students

The Frederick Honors College is thrilled to welcome the Class of 2027 to the University of Pittsburgh! We encourage you to visit this page periodically for updates about FHC move-in and welcome week events, as well as resources on Honors courses, housing, and community. 

FHC First-Year Student Orientation

If you were unable to attend our first-year student orientation on Monday, August 21, 2023, please view the PowerPoint of our presentation (PDF)

Summer Success Zoom Sessions

Throughout the month of June, incoming first-year students participated in Zoom sessions covering various topics to prepare them for their time at Pitt. If you were unable to attend but would like to review the information covered, you can watch the videos here.

June 1 – Frederick Honors College 101

Who is David C. Frederick? Why did he name the Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh? What does it mean to be an Honors student at Pitt and a member of the “Frederick Family?” What Honors credentials can you earn? What are the best things to do in your first year, and the things not to do? Watch the Zoom session recording.

June 8 – Welcome to the Honors Outside the Classroom Curriculum (HOCC)

What is the “outside the classroom curriculum?” Why does the outside the classroom curriculum matter? Why is the HOCC an Honors Degree requirement? How can you start earning HOCC points today? Get detailed information on the Honors Outside the Classroom Curriculum.

June 15 – Meet the Scholar Mentors!

Why do Pitt students do extraordinarily well after they graduate? What are “national scholarships?” How can you position yourself in your first year to compete for a national scholarship (like the Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, and Fulbright scholarships) in the future? Watch the Zoom recording.

June 22 – Going Beyond Pittsburgh

Why do we encourage all Honors students to study abroad? How can even natural science majors fit in a global experience? Why is it important to think about having a global experience at the end of your first year in college or in your second year? What is "study away" and how can you study in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, or Wyoming? How do these experiences become “transferable skills” that support you in your academic and professional journey? Watch the Zoom recording.

June 29 – Introduction to Research

What does it mean to do “research” in college? How does research look across the different academic disciplines? What Fellowship opportunities are available to Frederick College Honors students? Watch the Zoom recording.

Additional FHC Resources

Student studying in the background behind a Frederick Honors College water bottle.
Suggested Honors Courses for First-Year Students

The Frederick Honors College offers interdisciplinary courses aimed toward providing content and context for your Honors studies starting as early as your very first semester at Pitt.

Sutherland Hall
First-Year Housing in Sutherland

Honors students get priority access to the housing community, which brings together driven students from all different backgrounds. First-year FHC students reside in our Living-Learning Community (LLC) in Sutherland Hall.