First-Year Honors Housing

Join a community built on curiosity

Honors housing is more than staying up late sharing the college experience from new perspectives (but it's definitely that, too). Living in honors housing is your opportunity to build a life-long network of friends and colleagues from across all of the different undergraduate majors at Pitt. Your #FrederickFriends will support you during the ups-and-downs of college life - and beyond.

What is the Living Learning Community (LLC)?

First-year Honors students are invited to live in our First-Year Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) in Sutherland Hall on upper campus. We recommend that you live in our LLC when you start your Pitt experience. It is a diverse and dynamic group of 400 first-year undergraduate students from across the world and gives you immediate access to like-minded peers, student and staff mentors, and Resident Assistants (RAs) who are fellow Frederick Honors College members.

Other advantages of the first-year Honors LLC are:

  • Getting to know students with a diversity of majors, minors, and academic interests. It's like having 400 potential tutors in every subject imaginable!
  • Up-close access to the Frederick Honors College, its staff, and its faculty fellows.
  • Programs that are both intellectual and social – and take you off-campus and into the world.
  • Living with like-minded students who respect one another, the concept of community, and the importance of academics and intellectual life.

Whether eating together at the Perch (the dining hall in Sutherland Hall), planning a pizza night with a faculty member, attending a football game, raising funds for a non-profit, studying, competing in the building-wide Great Sutherland Mystery, or participating in a floor intramural event — you're sure to have everything you need for a successful year.

Sutherland Hall has air-conditioned double rooms with semi-private bathrooms. There's a TV lounge and study room on each floor. Sutherland also offers access to a community piano, ping pong table, fitness center, laundry facility, and four common study and programming rooms. Sutherland Hall also has a made-to-order grill and sandwich counter, the Hill O'Beans coffee shop, a 24/5 Quick Zone convenience store, a computer center, and a student mail center.

Applying to the first-year Honors LLC

The first-year Honors LLC is an exclusive opportunity available to students in the Honors degree program. We recommend that first-year students in the Honors degree program live in the first-year Honors LLC. However, Honors students are able to live in whatever residence hall they like; it will not affect their status in the Honors College! 

Steps to Apply

Step One - Complete the University's Housing and Dining Contract package

This is sent to each student via their Pitt email after they accept their offer of admission and submit their tuition deposit. When completing your contract, make sure to indicate that you are applying for the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) under the LLC section of the contract. If you have already completed the housing process and wish to go back and indicate your interest in the first-year Honors LLC, contact Panther Central at 412-648-1100.

Step Two - Supplemental Application

When you indicate your interest in the first-year Honors LLC, you will be taken to our supplemental application in the system. This must be completed to be considered for the first-year Honors LLC.

Step Three - Applying to Live with a Roommate

If you are applying to live with a specific roommate, you must both list each other as roommates within the University's Housing and Dining Contract Package and both complete the first-year Honors LLC supplemental application. You are more than welcome to apply for the LLC on your own and will be placed with a roommate if accepted into the first-year Honors LLC.

What happens if I am not selected for the first-year Honors LLC?

If you are not selected to live in the first-year Honors LLC, you will be placed in another first-year housing community. Your assignment will be based on your building preferences, roommate requests, roommate matching questions, and housing availability. Questions about this process should be directed to Panther Central at 412-648-1100.