Upper-Division Honors Housing

Maybe you lived in Honors Housing in Sutherland Hall as a first-year student. Great! Maybe you didn't but now want to check out Honors Housing. Also great! If you are an Honors student driven by intellectual curiosity and an interest in building a lifelong network of friends and colleagues from across all of the different undergraduate majors at Pitt, then check out our upper-division Honors Housing options: Forbes-Craig Hall and University Hall!

Upper-Division Honors LLC Overview


Applications for the 2024-2025 Upper-Division Frederick Honors College Housing will open in January 2024.

Eligibility - Please note the following requirements
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of one term at the University by the time of application.
  • Applicants must have a Housing Guarantee through Panther Central.

We welcome all students to apply for Honors housing! However, priority access will be given to students accepted in the Honors Degree.

The Process

This application process occurs before the traditional upper-division room and suite selections. If you apply for a Living Learning Community (LLC), you forego any suite contracts.

You can apply for our LLC within your housing contract sent to you by Panther Central. After all applications are reviewed, you will be notified of your acceptance. If you are admitted, you will receive information about room selection and roommate groups. If you are not admitted, you will be entered in the general room selection process.

Upper-Division FHC Housing FAQs

Q: Who is welcome in upperclass Honors housing?

A: Everyone! We invite anyone to apply for our upperclass housing community. Priority is given to students in the Honors Joint Degree or Honors Distinction programs, but we welcome anyone who wants more a living experience on the Honors level. As with all Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and all on-campus housing, you must have a housing guarantee through Panther Central.

Q: If I previously haven’t lived in Honors housing, am I still eligible to apply for upperclass Honors housing?

A: Absolutely! Any student is eligible to apply. Roughly 1/3 of students currently in Upperclass Honors Housing did not live in Honors Housing prior to this year.

Q: Do suite/apartment mates have to be the same gender?

A: No. All apartment-style living at the University of Pittsburgh can be with students of a different gender if you wish. If you are randomly assigned a roommate or suitemate, they will be the same gender as you.

Q: Can I apply on my own to upper-division Honors housing or do I need suite/apartment mates?

A: You are more than welcome to apply as an individual! If you do, you will be randomly assigned roommates within the LLC.

Q: Where is upper-division Honors housing located?

We are located in Forbes Craig apartments and University Hall.

Q: I’m an incoming first-year student – how can I live in Honors housing in my first year?

A: Check out the first-year Honors housing process!

Q: Can I apply for a specific building or room type in the LLC?

A: You cannot choose your hall or room type on the application - you're just applying to live in the LLC in general. After you're admitted to the LLC, you'll be able to select your specific room/apartment out of all the available spaces in the LLC across all living options. That selection order is based on a mix of your Panther Central lottery number, class standing, and roommate group size.

Q: What happens if I'm not admitted into upper-division Honors housing? 

A: If you're not accepted into the LLC, you will be entered in the upper-division general room selection process, which takes place in March. You cannot enter in the suite/apartment bid process because that takes place at the same time as the LLC process. 

Q: I have a question that’s not answered here – what should I do next?

A: Feel free to reach out to Jason Russell, director of student services, at jar132@pitt.edu, as well as Panther Central via phone (412-648-1100) or email (panthercentral@pitt.edu).