Academic Advising

Honors students are enrolled in all of the undergraduate degree programs at the University of Pittsburgh. What Honors students share is their desire to make the world a better place. However, each student's path to becoming a change maker of impact is unique. The Frederick Honors College Academic Advisors help students put it all together!

How Can Our Advisors Help You?

Honors Academic Advisors specialize in helping students put together challenging interdisciplinary programs of study. All Honors students work with a dedicated Honors Academic Advisor in addition to the advising team in their home school/department.

Incoming First-year Students

Understand the difference between the Honors Distinction, the Honors Degree and the Bachelor of Philosophy. Not sure which one fits best with your major? That is okay; the advisors will help you figure it out!

First-year and Second-year Students

Fit your program of study (liberal arts, engineering, computing and information science, business, nursing, etc.) with your Honors requirements; identify a study abroad program that works with your major/Honors/career goals; introduce you to research opportunities; and begin to think about your career development.

Third-year Students

In addition to career development, connect with the Scholar Mentors to talk about applying for prestigious national scholarships and Brett Say to discuss advanced research opportunities.

Fourth-year Students

Make sure you have completed all necessary graduation requirements. Finalize your "next step" plans (full-time employment, graduate school, military service, etc.)