Politics & Philosophy Major

The politics and philosophy major in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is advised through the Frederick Honors College and provides students with interdisciplinary training in the conceptual, empirical, and normative foundations of various fields of public policy. It enhances students' understanding of the moral and political complexities of public life and it offers preparation in both theory and practice to students interested in pursuing careers in social and public affairs.

By combining course work from different disciplines — political science, philosophy, and economics — the program's scope is broad, yet the structure of the curriculum also requires depth. The thematic nature of the major allows for flexibility in course selection. In collaboration with the major advisor, students design a cohesive program of study tailored to meet their individual post-graduate and career interests and needs.

The politics and philosophy major is a rigorous but rewarding program. Upon graduation, an academic career is certainly a possible pursuit; the major also provides excellent preparation for careers in law, government, community organizations, and social action groups.

Major Requirements

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