Spring Term 2024

Course enrollment for the 2024 Spring Term (2244) will open soon

You can view your enrollment appointment time at Enrollment > Enrollment Dates in HighPoint CX. 

To find a list of honors courses offered this spring in HighPoint CX, select “Frederick Honors Course” in the Course Attribute menu on the Class Search page.

Contact the FHC Advising Team

The FHC Advising Team is Liz Adams, Deborah GoldenMatt Rozycki, and Gail Wolfe. Please contact your Frederick Honors College Academic Advisor if you have any questions about:

The advisors are located on the 34th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. They have drop-in hours and are also delighted to schedule meetings (in-person or remote) that work with your schedule.

Spring 2024 Honors Course Offerings by electus faculty fellows

HONORS 1010: Bridge Monitoring and Management

Instructor: Piero Rizzo, Thu 4-4:50 p.m., CL 3504

HONORS 1010: Health Science Complexities

Instructor: Kar-Hai Chu, Thu 10-10:50 a.m., CL 3504

HONORS 1510: Health and the City

Instructor: Teresa Thomas, Mon/Wed 3-4:15 p.m., CL 3504

HONORS 1510: Sustainability: A World to Fix

Instructor: Joaquin Rodriguez, Mon/Wed 3-4:15 p.m., CL 3704

ENGLIT 0621: African American Literature: Debates and Approaches

Instructor: Michael Sawyer

Additional Honors Courses

  • ANTH 1660: People and Other Animals (Emily Wanderer)
  • COMMRC 1072: Knowing Humans: An Introduction to Research in the Humanities (David Marshall and Carla Nappi)
  • HIST 1433: Modern Japan (Raja Adal)
  • JS 1283: Contemporary Jewish Life (Barbara Burstin)