Honors Degree

Enhance your degree with Honors

Earn a jointly-conferred Honors degree by challenging yourself both in and outside the classroom. The program is rigorous but flexible, so you can push the boundaries of your own scholarship throughout your Pitt experience.  


If you apply and are admitted to the degree program, you will receive:

  • A special Honors degree jointly awarded from the Frederick Honors College and your home academic school of admission upon graduation
  • Priority course registration to help you complete the curriculum requirements
  • Priority access to Honors housing communities and activities
  • Access to Academic Advisors and Scholar Mentors to support your academic experience

Honors-enhanced degree requirements

  • Curricular requirements: 18 academic credits of Frederick Honors College approved courses
  • Co-Curricular requirements: 6 experiential credits (including research, independent study, study abroad programs, internships, and co-ops)
  • Outside of the classroom curriculum: Completion of the Honors OCC
  • Overall GPA: 3.250

To stay in good academic standing, you must maintain GPA above 3.000, participate in the Honors OCC, and complete one honors course or project per year. If your GPA is below 3.000 for one semester, you will be put on probation. If your GPA dips below 3.000 for two consecutive terms, you will be suspended from the program. You can appeal or request readmission after a suspension. 


While all Pitt students can participate in Honors courses and programs, you apply to this enhanced degree track. Admission is based not only on your academic performance, but also your interest in working for the community and your intellectual curiosity. 

First-year students apply as part of their regular application to Pitt. If you indicate you are interested in the Honors joint degree program, you will be asked to complete an additional essay question. 

Transfer students apply as part of their regular application to Pitt. The application will consider your academic performance, as well as your answer to an additional essay question. 

Upper-division students (including transfers from a regional campus) must have a minimum GPA of 3.500 and a minimum of two semesters (24 credits). Applicants are required to complete one essay prompt and submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or academic advisor. Applications for upper-division students open in the spring for the following academic year. Follow the link below to begin the application process.

Upper-division application is available.

The Honors degree is not the only way to engage with the Frederick Honors College. You can also pursue the research-focused Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree. You do NOT have to be pursuing an Honors degree or BPhil to take Honors courses, apply for fellowships, or join other Honors programs and activities.