Graduating with Honors

Forge your own path with flexible options

No experience at the Frederick Honors College looks the same, so we have three flexible options that allow you to choose which programs and opportunities are a fit for you:

Student at Graduation
Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Degree

The BPhil is the highest level of undergraduate scholarship, and includes an intensive research thesis. It replaces your bachelor's degree (in any major) with a higher, more prestigious designation. 

Student at graduation
Honors Degree

Earn an Honors degree in your major by challenging yourself both in and outside the classroom. The program is rigorous but flexible, so you can push the boundaries of your own scholarship.  

Person studying
Honors Distinction

While the credit load is smaller, this program still requires you to challenge yourself both in and outside the classroom. This option is ideal for transfer students, or students with strict major requirements.