Enroll in Research Credits

Once admitted to BPhil degree candidacy, you have the opportunity to enroll in Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) thesis research credits through the honors college. The Frederick Honors College has created a specific course, HONORS 1905 (BPhil Thesis Research), which allows you to enroll in 1-6 credits associated with your thesis. You might find this option helpful if, for example, you wish to lighten your course load during a term in order to free up some additional time to conduct your research and/or write your thesis.

Students admitted to BPhil degree candidacy are not required to enroll in these credits.

If you choose to register for HONORS 1905, the credits may not count toward graduation requirements in your home school of admission (Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Swanson School of Engineering, etc.) because the credits are awarded from the Frederick Honors College, which is a different academic area than your “home school.” As such, it may be to your advantage to arrange for research credits to be completed through your major department. You should discuss this with your thesis advisor and/or your major advisor when considering this option.

If you wish to register for HONORS 1905 credits, please do the following:

  • Collaborate with your thesis advisor in the completion of the Bachelor of Philosophy Research Agreement form (PDF).
  • Return the form to David Hornyak in the Honors College, who will verify completion and provide you with permission to enroll or add the class through the PeopleSoft system.
  • You will then need to enroll in HONORS 1905 (or process an add/drop) according to the procedures established by your “home school” and/or major department.

The grading for HONORS 1905 is S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit). David Hornyak will coordinate the administration of the reporting of grades for the credits. If you enroll in HONORS 1905 credits prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate, you will be given a G grade which will remain on your transcript until you complete all of the requirements for the BPhil degree, at which time the G grade will be changed to an S (Satisfactory) grade. If you do not fulfill the BPhil degree requirements, the G grade will automatically convert to an NC (No Credit) grade upon graduation or in one year from the semester in which the G grade was posted, whichever comes first. Please note that having a G grade on your transcript may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid purposes; you should check with the Financial Aid office to determine the potential impact this may have on you.

HONORS 1905 is offered every term, including the summer.