Apply for BPhil Candidacy

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but students must submit their application prior to beginning their last semester of enrollment at Pitt. Students should apply for BPhil degree candidacy as soon as they have identified a faculty member willing to serve as the thesis advisor. It is recommended, although not required, to apply for BPhil degree candidacy prior to conducting the actual research for the thesis.

To apply for admission to BPhil degree candidacy, complete the following three parts of the application and email all documentation and forms with appropriate electronic signatures to David Hornyak at

Please keep separate all seven pieces of documentation/forms requested (the seven bullet points below); do not combine them into one PDF, ZIP file, etc.

Part One: Biographical Information

Provide the following:

Part Two: Plan of Studies

Provide the following:

  • Plan of Studies Form (PDF) with your academic advisor’s electronic signature
  • A copy of your plan of studies, which was reviewed by your academic advisor (instructions to complete the plan of studies document are on the Plan of Studies PDF Form)

Part Three: Thesis Prospectus

Provide the following:

  • Thesis Prospectus Form (PDF) with your thesis advisor’s electronic signature
  • A copy of your thesis prospectus, which was reviewed by your thesis advisor (instructions to complete the thesis prospectus document are on the Thesis Prospectus PDF Form)

Email completed BPhil applications to David Hornyak at

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the application, please contact:

David Hornyak