David C. Frederick Scholarship

The David C. Frederick Scholarship provides $12,500 in tuition support to three full-time undergraduate students in the David C. Frederick Honors College. Frederick Honors students apply during their second year at Pitt. The support is for their third year ($6,250 for the Fall Term, and $6,250 for the Spring Term) with the possibility of extension into their fourth year.

This scholarship was created specifically for high achieving students in the Frederick Honors College (3.500 cumulative GPA or above) who did not receive merit aid from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid when they applied to Pitt, and who currently work at a part-time or full-time job in order to help pay for their education.

It is intended to allow Frederick Honors students to significantly reduce the number of hours worked at a job during the academic year so that they may devote more time to other academic pursuits, such as taking more in depth course work, engaging in research opportunities, participating in study abroad/study away programs, engaging in the community, and/or involvement in extracurricular activities.


  • Must be a student in the Honors degree, Honors distinction, or BPhil degree program in the David C. Frederick Honors College.
  • Current sophomore (defined as students who have at least 4 semesters remaining at Pitt) who has completed at least 2 full semesters at Pitt's Oakland campus (with a minimum of 12 credits each semester), and who will be enrolled as a full-time student during the following academic year. Accepting the scholarship does not preclude Pitt-approved study or research abroad credits during the following academic year (off-site paid internships and co-ops are excluded). AP/IB credits and college in high school credits do not count toward the definition of sophomore status for this award.
  • A minimum cumulative 3.500 GPA at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Received no merit scholarship support from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid upon admission to the University.
  • Employed at a part-time or full-time job in order to pay tuition, room, and/or board.

Application Deadline:

February 29, 2024


Contact David Hornyak, FHC Assistant Dean, at hornyak@pitt.edu.

About David C. Frederick

David Frederick is a 1983 alumnus of the Honors College. He went on to earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Oxford University in 1987 as a prestigious Rhodes Scholar. He is now a prominent appellate attorney in Washington, D.C.