First-Year Admissions

Admission to the Frederick Honors College is competitive; we enroll approximately 700 new first-year students into the Honors Degree program every fall. When you apply through the University of Pittsburgh’s application process, the Common App, or the Coalition App, you will be asked to select and respond to an essay prompt, which allows us to learn more about you and your intentions to be an active community member and global citizen.

Applying to the Honors College 

Select and respond to one of the following essay prompts:

If you choose to apply, you'll be asked to select and response to one of the following essay prompts:

  • What is something you would like to see change in the world? Explain why.
  • If you had 10 minutes and the attention of a million people, what would your TED Talk be about?
  • What does it mean to be “educated”?


The deadline for first-year students to apply to the Frederick Honors College is December 1. 

SAT/ACT Scores

Although we don’t have minimum SAT/ACT requirements, our average student has a 1450-1500 SAT and/or 32-33 ACT as well as a 3.80 unweighted GPA.

Notification of Acceptance

Frederick Honors College applicants will be notified on or before March 1.

Students admitted to the Frederick Honors College receive:

  • Admission into the Honors Degree program.
  • A notation on your transcript as soon as you’re admitted and a jointly-conferred degree from the Frederick Honors College and your primary academic school upon completion of the Honors Degree requirements.
  • Priority course registration beginning with your first spring term of enrollment.
  • A personal Frederick Honors College advisor to help tailor the most advantageous path for your interests.
  • Priority access to the first-year Honors housing community (Honors LLC). Honors housing placement is not guaranteed.