Scholar Communities

Scholar communities address critical 21st-century issues alongside all the brightest minds — faculty, students, and community experts across different disciplines. By bringing together scholars from different perspectives, we create a comprehensive hub of knowledge that can evolve and grow. Scholar Communities are: 

  • Collaborative - Strengthen your work with insights from broad disciplines, backgrounds, and sectors outside of your focus.
  • Dynamic - In a tight Community, we can respond quickly to new discoveries, and easily connect findings from disparate fields.   
  • Impactful - Develop evidence-based solutions that have a tangible effect on a local level, and can also scale globally. 

As part of a Scholar Community, your research will shape (and re-shape) the foundation for other scholars working toward the same goal.

A bag full of vegetables is emptied onto a table.

Partnering with regional powerhouse Food21, the ScholarCHEF community is transforming our rich region into a more resilient, self-sustaining producer by advancing agricultural, engineering, health, and business techniques. 

An artist puts makeup on an attendee at a Pitt Romero event.
The Horror Genre as a Social Force

In collaboration with Pitt’s Horror Studies Working Group, Film and Media Studies Program, Department of English, Global Studies Center, and University Library System, along with the George A. Romero Foundation, Pitt Honors will sponsor a scholar community focused on “The Horror Genre as Social Force.” 

Hand pointing at research on a screen at a presentation.
Data Science Ecosystems

The Data Science Ecosystems community works to catalyze an understanding of data science and "big data" by fostering research collaborations, communicating knowledge, exploring related public policy, and innovating sustainable and equitable solutions to engaging with big data.

A person washes her hands in a tub of water.
Water Sustainability

Together with the Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education and Outreach at the University of Pittsburgh, and The Water Institute of the Gulf, Frederick Honors College will collaborate on research and experiential projects on the issues of water sustainability.