2024 Frederick Honors College Research Symposium Awards

April 5, 2024

The Frederick Honors College Office of Research is excited to announce the following awards for the 2024 FHC Research Symposium. Thank you to all students for your hard work in presenting your research and creative projects.

Dean's Award

Maya Jones—Research, Design, and Construction of an 18th Century Versailles Court Gown.

Director's Award

Lillian Taylor—Natural and Unnatural Threats: Piracy, Knowledge Production, and the Environmental Imagination in the British Atlantic.

Community Impact Award

Social Change Research Hub students: Gabriella Garvin, Kamila Dominguez, Alexia Wagurak, Garrett Whitney, Ryan Shindler, Meghana Dodda, Cole Belling, and Mary-Aleyde Angbanzan—Cultivating Global Narratives, Strategies, and Processes Towards Racial Justice: Instituting A Racial Equity Database to Support the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent Declaration Process.

STEM Award

Sarvesh Acharya—Mast Cells and VEGFR2 Contribute to Chronic Pelvic Pain in a Mouse Model of Endometriosis.

Arts & Humanities Award

Alivia Pierce—Capturing the Black Struggle For Visibility Through the Vietnam War.

Social Sciences Award

Sanjana Murthy—More than one form of agency: Relinquishing and/or retaining menstrual practices in the Nepali diaspora in the United States.