Water Sustainability Scholar Community

Together with the Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education and Outreach at the University of Pittsburgh, and The Water Institute of the Gulf, Pitt Honors will collaborate on research and experiential projects on the issues of water sustainability.

There will be an open digital dialogue between partners linked by the Mississippi River to understand the critical issues of water quality and hypoxia within the Gulf of Mexico and how it relates to the natural sciences, social responsibility of business, data collection and sharing, public policy, and public health. The overarching goal of this event is to set an agenda for future research, projects and collaborations on the key issues facing water sustainability with a special focus on the critical issue of hypoxia as it impacts water resources within Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Gulf Region, and nationally.

Are you a student and want to get involved in the Pitt Honors Water Sustainability Scholar Community? Access the Catalog of Opportunities for more information.