Dave Fraser

Scholar Mentor

Dave Fraser advises and supports Frederick Honors College students as well as any other Pitt student pursuing national or international awards and scholarships. He focuses on support for students with interests in STEM fields but is always open to working with students from other disciplines.

Dave was born in Boston, Massachusetts but has also lived for significant parts of his life in Egypt, Puerto Rico, Madrid, Chicago, D.C., and (of course) Pittsburgh. He is an avid traveler and fan of cross-cultural experiences and learning. He was a Biology and Neuroscience professor for 10 years before joining the Honors College in 2019.

Dave lives in Highland Park with his wife and daughter. His weekends focus on family, music, food, house repair, and coaxing flowers from his growing (literally) collection of native (mostly) plants in his garden.

    Education & Training

  • PhD in neuroscience (Northwestern University)
  • BA in Psychology (Boston University)