Christina Prado

Research Program Assistant

Christina Prado has joined the FHC as our Research Program Assistant. Christina is a junior pursuing a BPhil focused on American Fear and How it Will Impact the Next Generation of Lawyers. She intends to go to law school to pursue intellectual property law and address issues within the field of innovation and advancement of science and technology. Over the past year she has participated in FHC fellowships and become passionate about research and its ability to further education and knowledge, as well as produce intellectual adaptations to further humankind.

Christina is from Miami, Florida, but grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She enjoys climbing, skiing, swimming, and anything active in nature. In her downtime, she explores Pittsburgh’s many restaurants and museums, and tries to watch as many movies as possible, with her favorite being Good Will Hunting. Regardless of her love for Pittsburgh, she would love to move back out west and get back on the powdered slopes.